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Occasionally, I am asked why the bi community has awards

I have a new answer: I won a @BiConUK award! #BiCon‘s been going since before I was born. Biggest bi event in Europe. I got to speak on a panel with activists I admired when I started nearly 10 years ago. 1st time my parents have been proud of my activism & that I’ve happy-cried.#BiCon2019[1 of ?] — Sali… Read more »

Be careful what you wish for

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At last year's BiCon, a long motion about the evils of working in financial partnership with arms companies in particular was referred back to this year's event. It re-appeared this year, word for word I think, apart from being split into two pieces. The first one, "Organisers should take into account the principles outlined in [the BiCon Guidelines' section on… Read more »