Does the gay agenda include bi erasure?

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Following more homophobia from Australian former tennis star Margaret Court complaining about the 'gay agenda', The Guardian published an opinion piece, 'What are the secrets of the ‘gay agenda’ – flag-waving and flannel shirts?' by Arwa Mahdawi. She's apparently a 'writer and brand strategist based in New York' who identifies as homosexual and/or lesbian.

You'll never guess how many times the word 'bisexual' is used! Ah, you probably will..

[] Lesbian: 10 uses (plus one of 'sapphism'!)
[] Gay: 22 uses
[] Homosexual: 3 uses
[] Straight or heterosexual: 4 uses
[] LGBT: 1 use
[] Bisexual: none. Again.

Maybe the gay agenda does include bi erasure, because this is what erasure looks like

… not least as the legendary (and name-checked in the article) Martina Navratilova identified as bisexual at least some of the time she was winning.

I do like Martina's suggestion that the 'Margaret Court Arena' at the venue for the Australian Open be named after Evonne Goolagong instead. Not that Evonne gets a mention either. Or Court's even more rabid transphobia.

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