'Bi-furious' BiCon 2016 session notes

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As part of finding out what people were furious about, the start of the session involved having two large sheets of paper for the attendees to write on.

One was labelled 'shit', the other 'shit we can do something about'. Comments in italics were added by other people then, ones in [brackets] are mine now. Ones on the second sheet within {braces} were visibly linked together then as being related. There could be many more ways of linking them.


"Does your boyfriend know?"

NHS – mental health care waiting lists, services & general incompetence

Being hated on by gay & straight people alike ***


That noise [- the university thought doing some building work outside early on a hot Sunday morning was a good idea, so as well as the noise the need to keep the windows closed was really annoying…]

Being ignored / erased

Being repeatedly read as straight!
as gay

'LGBT' orgs that don't have any recognition of bi in their names

General expressions of incomprehensibility of having two partners, one male, one female from people I come out to

"But which one do you REALLY like more???"

'Professional' researchers on LGBT who don't talk to the community before publishing their rubbish

Straight men who come to BiCon to pick up girls!

The fact that BiCon is the only space all year where I don't feel the need to repeatedly "come out" and/or apologise for my identities

The need to be the "acceptable bisexual" i.e. not too slutty

When a celebrity (etc) is biphobic and orgs/people who have recently massively contributed to biphobia condemn them with no commitment to change/action, or acknowledgement and/or apology for the crap they pull
recently noted [probably a reference to Christopher Biggins]
– [Peter] Tatchell
Stonewall (aka Rockfence)

The need for a BiCon just to be our own glorious selves

Bi-behaved characters in film and TV who don't use the 'b' word
or who are evil / killed off / killers

including in bi spaces

Men's Rights Activists

Sex ed in schools – give the _full_ picture

Femme invisibility

Shit we can do something about

"LGBT" discussions never mentioning bisexuality

Bi group for men / women… ummmm…

LGBT organisation structure split on gender binary lines

#CBB [Celebrity Big Brother – where Christopher Biggins had been biphobic, yet again.]
not watch?
career ending?

Poor boundaries around power and privilege

Lack of intersectionality in bi spaces
– race
– trans
– disability
race & ethnicity

Journalism which uses 'fluid' when they could use 'bi'

Stonewall 'inning' people in mixed-sex relationships

Bisexual invisibility (everyone assuming I am straight because I have a husband)

Throwing people who do fit a/many/some stereotype(s) under the bus for RESPECTABILITY
slutty [can't read] fluid
training not necessary but..
not perfect (not heroes) [reference to Pride in London's 'heroes' thing: most people aren't flawless heroes]
not "good bi / bad bi"

"LGBT" research / policies that don't consider subgroups + intersectionality

"Inequality among LGBT groups in the UK: a review of evidence"
say it's crap
do a Freedom of Information Act request for its cost

getting better, needs watching and involvement

No paid specific "Bi" worker in UK even in large LGBT organisations

Total lack of understanding if what being bi means to health + social care services & why they should care

Recording biphobic crime + dealing with it

Bisexual identity seen as sexualised & therefore inappropriate to use / raise in the workplace

Workplace visibility + understanding

Erasure in education

Access to bi support for low income folks

Cis bi folk who complain about intercommunity biphobia using "LGT" – like, hello, T =/= gay/straight
more trans than cis people are bi!
also axis of oppression much?!

The media's portrayal of what bi means

Lack of representation

Lack of positive representation – show how amazing we are!

Content notices on BiCon ents [- this was after a Friday evening cabaret which included a problematic quiz and a very problematic 'comedy' routine]
Marcus BCN article

Lack of inclusion in LGBT+ history

L [very very large:] G [very tiny:] b t       +?

Aro/Ace erasure in bi communities
trust each other: ask "how do you ID?"
make it easy to say "no" to "are you bi?"

Setting the bi community up as a "Utopia" and refusing to acknowledge shit within it

Getting new people to do stuff in the bi community
get people together
say thank you
Marcus' 5 mins [- 'five minute activism', i.e. things you can do in five minutes, as featured in Purple Prose]
Purple Pages [- somewhere that lists skills etc in the community: oft proposed, not yet done]
time bank [- 'I'll do this for you, and at some point someone else will do that for me' = everyone more or less happy]
'small roles'
bring food
time commitment
activism strand [in BiCon etc session programming]

*** Not a footnote, just three stars around this one…

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