Nightclubbing, we're (not all) nightclubbing

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An article on "middle aged" DJs in the Guardian contains a little sliver of erasure that goes uncommented on elsewhere.

One of the said DJs is Luke Cowdrey, AKA Luke Unabomber. He's

.. the promoter of long-running queer night Homoelectric – "a genuine alternative to the commercial stranglehold", as he sees it. "People take the piss but I still believe in the evangelism of it all, that, politically and culturally, the world is so toxic that people still want to escape together."

That's nice, but who's this 'genuinely alternative' 'queer' night for?

"homos, lesbos, heteros, don't-knows"

Homos, lesbos, heteros, don't-knows.

This is what erasure looks like.

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