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Superpower: bisexual invisibility?

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Wonder Woman's history says quite a lot about real life history. Created in 1940 by a husband and wife in a poly relationship with a woman said to be one of the inspirations for the character, she was first published in 1941 and started by fighting Nazis. Later that year, she joined the Justice League of America, an assembly of… Read more »

Big Business and Bi Visibility Day

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Bi Visibility Day is only a few weeks away.┬áIt's a great time to see what bisexual people are up to all around the world. It's a time when I feel a bit less isolated; when all the activism and unpaid, unfunded work I do can really shine. But Bi Visibility Day is also 24-hours of pure hypocrisy from many big… Read more »

Leicester Pride 2016

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Let's look at the Pride Guide for this year's Leicester Pride. It's 32 pages long. Editorial material says: [] Gay: 6 times [] Lesbian: 1 time [] Bisexual: 0 times [] LGBT: 16 times, including several for the city's LGB&T Centre. Worst example of bi erasure comes from someone ('a local LGBT community member') talking about the changes over time…. Read more »