Leicester Pride 2016

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Let's look at the Pride Guide for this year's Leicester Pride. It's 32 pages long.

Editorial material says:

[] Gay: 6 times
[] Lesbian: 1 time
[] Bisexual: 0 times
[] LGBT: 16 times, including several for the city's LGB&T Centre.

Worst example of bi erasure comes from someone ('a local LGBT community member') talking about the changes over time. After asking 'How many of us can remember when being gay was illegal' – I think they're talking about when sex between men, regardless of their sexual orientation, was illegal or restricted – they go onto talk about Orlando and say "Every day there are stories about gay and lesbian people who feel so victimised that they have chosen to take their own lives. There are trans people who are still afraid to be themselves in work and in public."

Spot the missing word…

Ad material says:

[] Gay: 4 times
[] Lesbian: 2 times
[] Bisexual: 2 times
[] LGBT: 3 times.

Two of each of those – i.e. every use of 'bisexual' and 'lesbian' – is in the full name of the city's LGB&T Centre.

So thirty two pages for a LGBT Pride event and the only two uses of the b-word ('bi' in this case) in the entire thing happen because the city has a 'Lesbian Gay Bi & Trans' centre.

This is what bisexual erasure looks like.

At least one of the main stage hosts is a drag act, it's going to be interesting noting their language…

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  1. Ian

    Partly because of the weather and also because of the (low) quality of the stage sound, I didn't take notes of their language.

    Alas there were problems for some in the trans communities, including the reaction to their complaints.


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