Woman's Hour 22nd August 2016

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This had a segment on "the Psychological Pressures Faced By Young Gay, Lesbian and bisexual people". I'm not entirely sure why 'bisexual' doesn't get a capital letter or why the rest of it does – looking at other episodes, the house style is clearly that only the first letter the title of any segment has one. It started about 35 1/2 minutes into the programme.

Apart from the opening 'what's in the programme', presenter Jane Garvey said:

[] Gay: 7 times
[] Lesbian: 0 times
[] Bisexual: 0 times.

The interviewee, Matthew Todd from Attitude magazine, said:

[] Gay: 10 times
[] Lesbian: 2 times
[] Bisexual: 0 times
[] LGBT: 4 times, mostly in the beginning before it became 'gay, gay, gay'.
[] Homophobia: 5 times
[] Lesbianphobia: 1 time
[] Biphobia: 1 time.

In the listener's reactions, there was:

[] Gay: 3 times (including 'gay daughter' and saying David Cameron mentioned 'gay marriage' in his resignation speech – he actually said "enabling those who love each other to get married whatever their sexuality")
[] Lesbian: 1 time
[] Bisexual: 0 times.

This is what bisexual erasure sounds like.

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