The news about Keith Vaz may not be a surprise, but neither is the tone of some of the coverage

I don't know how he identifies to himself, but that Keith Vaz is behaviourally bisexual is not a surprise – it was being talked about in the Asian communities over twenty years ago.

Sadly, neither is some of the coverage:

today the Sunday Mirror can reveal Keith Vaz, a married father of two, is leading a double life

If I knew about it, what makes them think his wife didn't know?

(I'll do more when I can face reading more of the press.)

As it involves sex with male escorts, there is – just – a public interest justification in this outing: he was chairing the House of Commons home affairs committee which is looking at prostitution.

But the section about how they "got into a discussion with the escorts about the price of houses in London" will raise a smile amongst anyone who saw the short film shown at a BiCon a few years ago where someone new to the bisexual community goes to a bi house party and discovers they're all talking about… mortgages.

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