Big Business and Bi Visibility Day

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Bi Visibility Day is only a few weeks away. It's a great time to see what bisexual people are up to all around the world. It's a time when I feel a bit less isolated; when all the activism and unpaid, unfunded work I do can really shine.

But Bi Visibility Day is also 24-hours of pure hypocrisy from many big businesses, charities and LGBT organisations who are silent for 364 days of the year when it comes to bisexuals and our unique needs. So I completely expect to see big banks congratulating us on our special day, but who will silence the B in their staff LGBT networks. I'm sure I'll see queer charities who would rather choke than say the word Bisexual, but will tweet about how they support us. When they don't. Not even a little bit.

So I hope everyone bi/pan has a positive Bi Visibility Day, but just remember to not be duped by groups who do nothing for us, who ignore us and who actively hurt us, who may try to co-opt our day of visibility.

For details of what's happening in your area, check out Bi Visibility Day's website

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