International Day of Oh No, Not Again

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In the UK we'd say it's the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia today. I see that Wikipedia prefers a different order. Regardless, 'IDA-HoBiT' as the UK bi community tends to pronounce it is One Of Those Days where if there's any coverage at all, it's a gay man – and if you're lucky or it's a 'women's' programme,… Read more »

Your friends denying they know you…

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… doesn't make you Jesus.* Welcome to all my new followers. Standing strong for all those who no longer have a voice #standstrong — Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) March 10, 2017 Katie Hopkins: 'I see myself as the Jesus of the outspoken'. Having said that, the idea of her dying for my sins is quite attractive… * Not that… Read more »

Enter title here

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"Simon & Schuster is canceling the publication of 'Dangerous' by Milo Yiannopoulos "After careful consideration." Full story coming soon." HALT-WRITE — Nick Harvey (@mrnickharvey) February 20, 2017 So, inciting transphobic abuse, inciting violence against migrants, being an actual neo-Nazi… S&S didn't think required consideration? — Another Angry Woman (@stavvers) February 20, 2017 Never mind it was *already* in… Read more »

When the leaders lead like that…

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The inclusion of bisexual men on the funding proposals for health promotion but not the actual work seeps down, even to places that should go 'hang on..' So recently, a number of people have been linking to an online survey from an MSc student at Huddersfield on using mobile 'apps' to deliver health promotion to men who have sex with… Read more »

Two for the price of one

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Combining the b-exclusion of an LGBT history month event and of an earlier article in The Guardian, 'Burnley Buggers' Ball to mark 50th anniversary of Sexual Offences Act' manages to keep up with the language of the others: [] lesbian and gay rights – 2 uses [] gay and lesbian rights – 1 use, as a quote from Russell T… Read more »

Activity, not orientation

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When an article about gay and bisexual men starts with "A pardon for Britain’s persecuted gay men", you know the bisexual erasure is strong with the author. And indeed it is. Looking at the text, we see: [] gay men – 1 use [] gay and bisexual men – 1 use [] straight allies – 1 use [] LGBT people… Read more »

The lessons of history

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LGBT History Month is on us again and, as ever, there's a distinct shortage of the 'B' to be seen. Unfortunately, there isn't a shortage of biphobes being given a platform. This year, the main one is Julie Bindel who will be speaking at the Working Class Movement Library on the first Saturday. Unfortunately, Schools OUT UK, the creators of… Read more »

And the winner is..

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Almost incredibly, Pink News has decided that David Cameron deserved 'Ally of the year' award because of same sex marriage. Fuck off. In his own words, the failed Prime Minister* had just a "small role" in that. It's true that the Conservative party conference is not the least homophobic place to say that marriage should 'be available for all', but… Read more »