Two for the price of one

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Combining the b-exclusion of an LGBT history month event and of an earlier article in The Guardian, 'Burnley Buggers' Ball to mark 50th anniversary of Sexual Offences Act' manages to keep up with the language of the others:

[] lesbian and gay rights – 2 uses
[] gay and lesbian rights – 1 use, as a quote from Russell T Davies, author of the wonderful gay but appallingly biphobic, Cucumber
[] gay civil rights – 2 uses
[] last gay rights campaigner – 1 use*
[] gay venues – 1 use
[] gay man/men – 2 uses
[] LGBT History Month – 4 uses
[] bisexual – None.

I haven't included the historically accurate names of the 'Campaign for Homosexual Equality' or wording on the 'Lesbian Liberation' badge, but even without those, this is what erasure looks like.

The author Mark Brown does get a plus point for saying "private homosexual acts between men over 21 in England and Wales were decriminalised" in the Sexual Offences Act 1967: activity, not orientation… but I do wonder why the companion piece in the double bill, Lesbian Liberator doesn't get named or explained until the thirteenth paragraph.

* Probably as a Grauniad typo for 'late' rather than an indication that since then, they've all been intersectional and inclusive..

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