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Almost incredibly, Pink News has decided that David Cameron deserved 'Ally of the year' award because of same sex marriage.

Fuck off.

In his own words, the failed Prime Minister* had just a "small role" in that. It's true that the Conservative party conference is not the least homophobic place to say that marriage should 'be available for all', but it was Lynne Featherstone who did the vast bulk of the work: saying it should happen and ensuring that it did. That was recognised by PinkNews giving her 'Ally of the year' two years ago.

What Cameron was responsible for was a series of decisions around issues such as support and refugees that have literally been the death of LGBT people. He also voted against the repeal of section 28 and against same-sex couples adopting.

Cameron supports repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998, something that helped the result of his unnecessary 'Brexit' referendum and may well happen. This would stop rulings of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) from having effect in the UK, but it is the ECHR we have to thank for decriminalisation of sex between men in Northern Ireland, the removal the ban on sex between men when more than two people are present, having LGBT people serve in the military, the Gender Recognition Act, and an equal age of consent amongst others. All of these were denied by the UK's Parliament and courts before the ECHR said otherwise.

So the correct response is to say 'Fuck off and good riddance, Cameron'.

Still, you can judge the sort of awards these are by the way that the winner of the Corporate Equality Award were Lloyds Banking Group.. the sponsors of the awards.

* Or, as they put it, the one "who left office following the EU referendum earlier this year".

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