The modern Witchfinder General

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CW: child sexual abuse, murder, rape, racism, fatphobia

While the world holds its breath awaiting the results of the Biscuit Awards* it's worth considering why we don't have a 'Worst bisexual' category, even as a joke.

For many years, the winner would have been Rosemary West. Bisexual, non-monogamous and an enthusiastic sex worker, it was thought that no-one would be able to be worse because she committed child physical, emotional and sexual abuse and with her husband raped and murdered several girls and young women.

Well, failed Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins is trying her best. Rosemary West has been in prison for the past twenty one years and will almost inevitably die there. Katie Hopkins is rewarded for her racism and xenophobia with well-paid jobs on the MailOnline and LBC radio.

When this was first drafted, she was 'just' doing things like saying her ability to lose weight "proves" "fat people are lazy", advocating shooting refugees, and calling migrants "cockroaches".

Since then, she's had to apologise – via a 2am post – to a family she put at risk of extrajudicial execution by accusing them of being extremists with links to Al Qaeda, and actively retweeted praise of her vile views from someone with a Twitter account name of AntiJuden SS and a swastika in their logo:

And that's why there isn't a 'Worst bisexual' award. When someone is seemingly so desperate to win it, the best thing to do is not have one.

* At least two people with an account here could remember what JB Priestley said on being awarded the Order of Merit in 1977: "I've only two things to say about it. First I deserve it. Second, they've been too long about giving me it." 🙂

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