The lessons of history

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LGBT History Month is on us again and, as ever, there's a distinct shortage of the 'B' to be seen.

Unfortunately, there isn't a shortage of biphobes being given a platform.

This year, the main one is Julie Bindel who will be speaking at the Working Class Movement Library on the first Saturday.

Unfortunately, Schools OUT UK, the creators of LGBT History Month and owners of the website reacted by writing a blog post saying that the event will remain on their calender of events. Although it is not organised by them, it's being promoted by them.

Anyone, like her, who is a repeat columnist for The Guardian with a book to plug cannot complain that they do not already have a platform.

To be clear, if someone wants to invite Julie Bindel to speak, they can do so. But if you want a SWERF* and TERF** like her as your star speaker, you really need to ask yourself why.

Do you want to actively put off trans people, bi people, and sex workers?

So just make it a simple rule: no-one like her should be given a platform like this in what's supposed to be 'LGBT' History Month..

.. even if it often turns out to be 'LGGG' History Month.

* 'Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism' – "a subgroup of radical feminism characterized by whorephobia and hostility to the third wave of feminism. This tiny sliver of feminism promotes socially conservative attitudes toward sex and sexuality", from SJWiki. The 'SWERF Bingo' there is particularly accurate, but it comes down to 'I wouldn't do sex work, therefore you mustn't be allowed to'.

** 'Trans exclusionary radical feminism' – like SWERFs but 'I'm not trans, therefore you mustn't be allowed to be'.

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